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Glossy greenery as far as the eye can see, so anyone entering the Van Winden-Erica greenhouses has the fleeting feeling of being in the jungle. This ultra-modern pot plant nursery specializes in cultivating two exotic varieties - Zamioculcas and Garden and balcony plants.

The attractive appearance of Zamioculcas helps create a pleasant living environment. They are exceptionally easy to care for, since Zamioculcas is practically indestructible and can be used anywhere. A Zamioculcas feels right at home on a window sill, but there are more options. Brighten up a dark hall with a robust Zamioculcas or bring the bathroom to life with an elegant Zamioculcas. Garden and balcony plants provide an intense experience of nature all year round, for each season has its own types of plants, meaning diversity throughout the year.
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