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Innovative and flexible

Van Winden-Erica B.V. is a progressive company specializing in the cultivation of Zamioculcas, garden and balcony plants. The nursery has been located in Erica in the Dutch province of Drenthe since 1957 and the present owner, André van Winden, took the business over from his father.

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The greenhouse complex was recently extended (to 11 ha) and modernized, with much thought for efficient operation and saving energy. Gas consumption and the whole environmental burden have been reduced to a minimum through the implementation of innovative techniques. Techniques such as the water recirculation system, which collects surplus water (with a special mix of fertilizers) in a central storage basin for re-use. New pot plants are taken care of and tested.

Environmentally friendly

The plants are grown by sustainable cultivation methods. Biological crop protection, for example, is used as much as possible and involves releasing natural predators to combat harmful pests. Persimilis mites, for example, combat sciarid flies, fruit fly and Duponchelia (a moth). Spiders can also be a pest, but spraying with soapsuds makes the webs extremely slippery and causes the spiders to leave. The nursery is entitled to display the MPS-A and MPS-GAP environmental quality marks and more information on these can be found on the MPS website (MPS is an international environmental certification organization in the Netherlands).


The plants grown in the greenhouses are mainly Zamioculcas and seasonal products, which are marketed under the Royal Green brand name. Royal Green plants are supplied via the auction to wholesalers, chain stores and retail outlets in the Netherlands and elsewhere. For a good market, we work with Floramotion and Northplants. Millions of them find their way into the homes of consumers every year.


Helping the customer develop ideas is a matter of course that translates into flexibility and made-to-measure solutions. The nursery has computer controlled sorting lines for example, which make it possible to supply plants in accordance with the customer’s precise specifications.

Our own research

Developments in cultivation technique continue at high speed. Research into ideal growth and cultivation conditions is a continuous process at Van Winden-Erica, producing strong plants to meet the customer’s requirements.